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The final update for The Blade Overlord, v0.13, has aired today. It features three new enemy types and two new areas! You can read the full article here: https://www.feudalcrest.com/single-post/2017/09/01/The-Blade-Overlord-v013-FINAL-UPDATE-Released

Today the v0.12 Update for The Blade Overlord is released, featuring three new skills: Ethereal Form, Shadow Dodge and Alpha Strike. A skin and avatar are also featured: Ninja!

The much requested Skill Update is getting closer! The update will feature three player skills, all that are to be unlocked when the player reaches certain levels, and a new skin with an avatar!

Read more about the update in the official Feudal Crest website:


Today the v0.11 update is released! The update features the Practice room, where the player can train in order to hone his skills, and where new players can get used to the game. Other features are also in the update.

The next update, v0.12, will be focused on implementing new skills, that will be unlocked when the player reaches certain levels. Stay tuned to know more by following us!

It was considered that level and score achievements were way too overwhelming. So the following changes were made to them:

* Decreased the necessary score to unlock the "The Blade Overlord", "Blade Master" and "Blade Master" from 100.000, 50.000 and 25.000 to 80.000, 40.000 and 20.000, respectively;

* Decreased the amount of experience needed to advance levels.

The Arcane Archer Update 1.0.2 released!

2017-01-11 13:43:24 by FeudalCrest

The patch comes with an arrow tracer for the basic arrow, a guide arrow that points where the player’s arrow is if outside the view, and an optimization that makes the game stop freezing when entering the main menu, enemy selection screen and the skill menu.

With the patch, the issue that made all strings go missing was fixed.